q PlyHouse – Модульный экодом

Meet PlyHouse!

PlyHouse is a modular prefabricated house that’s made from a plywood and a cardboard.

Summer hot, snow and a storming weather – what a surprise nature did not offer in inside you will feel peace and harmony.

PlyHouse is a perfect nook, an accessory dwelling unit, or a good city dweller.

Be in a comfort

Kitchen, shower and a slipping nest at the roof – PlyHouse has everything you are used to.

All furniture is made of plywood, strong and safe ecological material.

Made of plywood and cardboard

Plywood is a composite material of natural origin, it makes a hard frame of the house.

Corrugated cardboard is a product of cellulose. Its value is in high strength and excellent thermal insulation properties.

Over two years of research and development allowed us to develop and test solutions for the most severe climatic conditions.


How is it made

PlyHouse assembles on the construction site in a days from prefabricated modules.

Low weight allows to mount house on the gravel base without heavy foundation.


Roll it!

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– Left mouse button / one finger to roll
– Shift + Left mouse button / two fingers to move

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6 sections / 323 sq.ft2

8 sections / 430 sq.ft

16 sections / 861 sq.ft